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Rewined crafts repurposed wine bottles into candle vessels.

Rewined crafts beautifully designed and functional products. Our passion lies in exploring wine and places with good people. With gratitude, our story continues to grow because of our team that inspires one another to celebrate our individual strengths.

Another Studio is a craft-design practice creating original products for the desk, home and workplace. At the heart of our studio is the notion that an creative idea combined with playful material exploration will result in brilliant designs. 
Inspired by origami we get really excited by the challenges of transforming something flat into a 3D form.
To refresh your stressed mind, you look outside of window. Expecting to see enchanted landscape or feeling some melancholy watching leaves while sitting your cozy couch with a cup of tea, or get some vitality back from walking enthusiastic strangers.But sometimes in reality, the view of outside of window does not match with your expectation. We 'Appree' has been worked hard to realize beautiful scenery in your mind.
Bathroom is a very intimate part of our Home, let's keep it functional and comfortable with our Minimalist Bathroom Selection. 
Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, replaceable eraser, and the men and women whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years.
Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones (proudly used Blackwings to create Bugs Bunny and countless other Looney Tunes characters). 

A Luxury Blanket is a Satisfaction of Every single Day! Our Selection will never let you down and Always Warm You Up! 

From statement bangles to dainty minimalist bracelets, stack up your cuffs for the ultimate party on your arm!
Brin D'Amour by Sandra it's the perfect example of the French Effortless Style, with her Jewellery Sandra highlight the beauty and sensuality of women by playing with movement, suspension and light through the interaction of gold and the intensity of semi-precious stone.
At Stuff & All we think that there is nothing quite like Candles to warm up atmosphere

"As children, my brother and I would blend our own fragrances from Dad's old samples of perfume and make our own floral waters in buckets in the garden shed."


The Days range of Ballpoint Pens from Mark’s Tokyo Edge is a quirky, colourful and thought provoking addition to your writing implements. Stylishly executed with a wooden shaft which has a different day of the week and accompanying activity suggestion written in French on each face. 
A bit of Minimalist Decoration is always Welcome!
Stuff & All is a new Online Boutique who offers Products around a Luxurious Minimalist Lifestyle, all Our Designers Focus on quality over quantity. 
We Only sell products that we try and Love and who match a Minimalist way of Life focusing on appreciating using daily life Stuff who brings you joy and Satisfaction.
Find the perfect pair of designer earrings to add that luxury touch to your outfit, all designed to highlight woman beauty with Simplicity.
Deep inside every beautiful fragranced candle hides a surprise piece of desirable jewellery created by exclusive UK designers.
We Selected Fabric Bracelets that cast your mind back to Sunny Holidays but still looking like the Lady you are through our fine selection.
Because "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" here is our selection of fashion accessories who Stand Out with Simplicity and Class.
The appropriately glamourous and unpronounceable name is derived from the words ‘Garage studio’ which is exactly where the venture started out in 2003. Working amongst sand, stray cats and broken car parts, the collective started making screenprints and jewellery for sale and exhibition, and thus the mighty Garudio Studiage was born!
Our Minimalist Gifts are Always Useful and won't clutter your loved one home, we promise.
"You mustn't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling." Here our Gold Collection. 
Work! Play! Study! Enjoy your everyday tools HiBi!
HIGHTIDE was named from the feeling of having always been fulfilled emotionally and spiritually. I hope that this fulfilled spirit can be conveyed to all of you who purchase our products. In our lives, fulfillment in our daily life and work mutually create a positive effect. We will continue to turn our sincere feelings that we experience while looking at the ocean into new products.

"Tidy home, Tidy Mind" this Minimalist Japanese way of life is one of Our Value at Stuff & All. Choose from the best of Minimalist designers and unique homeware products, to create a beautiful Minimalist and welcoming Home.

The most famous Korean Stationery Designer! 
The French designer Isabelle Polychronis created since 2010, the "it- jewelry" easy to wear in all circumstances. The collections are composed of simple jewelry, gays, elegant. The ring closed with a color node is already legendary.
Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful Minimalist selection of designer jewellery from Stuff & All. Find beautiful Minimalist must-have pieces from our independent designers.
A Combination of High Quality Scented Candles and Fine Jewellery? What Else? 
To keep Harmony in your style here our Jewellery Sets!
John Hanly was established in Ireland and has been making its timeless home textiles since 1893, specialising in weaving from the finest wools and natural fibres. John Hanly throws offer an unrivalled warmth and luxury, with traditional designs that have a life-long appeal.
Kitchens are made for bringing loved ones together so let's keep this part of our home Welcoming with our Selection! 

Our beautiful Tassen Kitchen range is a cult phenomenon. TASSEN first started out as  animated 3D-characters in a video clip. It then went viral and the characters were so popular, that they were then made so that fans could physically hold the mugs and coffee cups with the exact facial expressions today.

Witty, sophisticated design with a twist of British quirk are the hallmarks of Men's Society London.

Because Men should also take care of themselves here our selection of Manly but Simple Products for a (very) Special man.

Midori is one of the best Minimalist Japanese Stationery Designers. Focusing on quality and simplicity of the design. 
Mirins Copenhagen offers natural bath and body care products, where only natural and organic ingredients are found. All of our products are free of preservatives, free of synthetic additives and free of artificial perfumes.
Our products are developed based on Herbalism and Aromatherapy, to enhance the mood in addition to pampering the body. Owner and creator Jane is a certified Aromatherapist.

Fine Jewellery who highlight your (Capsule) Wardrobe for a Daily Effortless Fashionable Look. Dressing up have never been so easy! 
Back in 2005, a group of friends met each other in design college where they shared theirs passions toward design and all things wood. Fast forward to present, those passion gave birth to something beautiful and the rest is history.
Sussex based designer Phoebe Sherwood Moore is known for the for way she playfully interprets natural form using a combination of materials such as wood, silver and gold. The creative mind behind Phoebe Jewellery, gets much of her inspiration from her English upbringing and Scottish heritage, as well as wildlife, and objects that she spots whilst out walking her dog, Ernie.
Our Selection of Luxurious Trendy Products which are Unique and just for you.
Qualy create playful designed to highlight your daily life and stationery with humour and simplicity. 
Rings are the perfect way to add Statement to any outfit and give to Your Style Charisma.
Borrowing from nature's clever design to give geckos their ability to climb so well, the Gecko Notebook sticks to surfaces and holds small objects.
It's cover allows it so stick to smooth surfaces such as walls, desks, tiles, other books or devices, and can also be used to keep track of small objects like pens and cell phones.
Our Silver Quality brings Sophistication to any Style.
Writing is a dying art: bring it back with our Luxurious Minimalist Selection of Stationery. Never underestimate the Power of a Tidy desk on your Creativity and Satisfaction. 
Mark's is an up-and-coming Japanese brand and the Storage it series of notebooks are their best loved products. This is a new version with a completely clear cover, free of any graphics. These unusual notebooks incorporate a zipped bag where you can store items in the bag such as a pen, phone, calculator or notes.

Our beautiful Tassen Kitchen range is a cult phenomenon. TASSEN first started out as  animated 3D-characters in a video clip. It then went viral and the characters were so popular, that they were then made so that fans could physically hold the mugs and coffee cups with the exact facial expressions today.

The Organic Company is a Danish design company which creates meaningful and tasteful home accessories from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.The design philosophy is based on simple Scandinavian aesthetics focusing on function and quality. Design, quality and respect for people and nature are our foundation and our values.

"Five minutes are enough for a Japanese to get ready for a long travel." Lafcadio Hearn 


Because your body hears everything your mind say here is our selection of effective products who brings daily satisfaction with simplicity.