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  • 12 Amazing Hidden Meanings of Celebrity Rings
  • Craig Milbo
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12 Amazing Hidden Meanings of Celebrity Rings

12 Amazing Hidden Meanings of Celebrity Rings

Female Celebrities Wearing Rings – 12 Amazing Hidden Meanings of Celebrity Ring Combinations


Wearing her emerald-cut flawless diamond engagement ring. Weighing a whopping 18-carats, the ring is reportedly worth about $10 million today.

Ring Combination: Left Ring-Finger and Right Ring-Finger
Ring Meaning: Loyal, devoted, compassionate.


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Anne Hathaway

The American actress and singer, demonstrates Elegance Personified, with a 2 Ring Combination.

Ring Combination: Left Middle and Right Middle Fingers
Ring Meaning: Perfectionist. 

Photo source:


Pryanka Chopra

Former Miss World Winner 2000, actress, singer, film producer and philanthropist. Co-ordinates a 2 piece ring combination to great effect.

Ring Combination: Left Ring Finger and Left Pinky
Ring Meaning: A Nostalgic tendency


 Photo Source: Getty Images/


Vanessa  Hugden

A mix and match of chic boho rings from the High School Musical star.

Ring Combination 1: Left Index and Left Middle Finger
Ring Meaning:  Unfortunately for Vanessa this combination signals a Jealous woman


Photo source:


Mary Kate Olsen

The American actress, fashion designer, producer, author, businesswoman and equestrian is pictured here wearing no less than 5 rings, 4 on her left hand alone.

There are many combinations we can describe here but we have limited to 3 combinations. (The rest are  downloadable in our eBook Guide).

Ring Combination 1: Right Index, Left Pinky
Ring Meaning: Vindictive and authoritarian personality. 
Ring Combination 2: Left Index, Left Ring Finger
Ring Meaning: Possessiveness and/or passionate
Ring Combinations 3: Right Index, Left Middle
Ring Meaning: Submissive behaviour. 

Photo Source:


Kylie Jenner

The American Reality TV personality, socialite, singer, designer and model. She is one of the most 10 followed celebrities on Instagram and she is caught on camera here wearing a 3 Ring Combination:

Ring Combination 1: Right Middle, Right Ring Finger
Ring Meaning: Cerebral and Grouchy
Ring Combination 2: Left Ring Finger, Right Middle
Ring Meaning: Confusion around self-esteem
Ring Combinations 3: Left Ring Finger, Right Ring Finger
Ring Meaning: Loyal, devoted, compassionate. This is the most common combination for women.


Photo Source: Kylie Jenner Instagram


Eva Mendes

The starring actress in “Hitch” should know a thing or 2 about Rings. Here she is pictured wearing a single Tahitian Pearl Ring.

Ring Combination 1: Left Middle
Ring Meaning: Representation of self-esteem and social rank. It’s also the preferred finger of a narcissistic personality. Left or right middle fingers as we all know, are also used as an insult (“giving the bird”). This acts to translate a feeling of frustration and desire to take away pleasure from someone.



Alexa Chung

The British fashion model, television presenter, and contributing editor at British Vogue seen here wearing a 4 Ring Combination:

Ring Combination 1 Left Ring-Finger and Left Index:
Ring Meaning: Possessiveness and/or passionate. 
Ring Combination 2:  Right Middle Finger and Right Ring-Finger
Ring Meaning:  Cerebral and grouchy. 
Ring Combination 3: Right Index and Right Middle Finger
Ring Meaning:  On the defensive and anxiety-prone. 
Ring Combination 4: Right Index and Right Ring-Finger
Ring Meaning: Desire of domination. 

Photo Source:


Lady Gaga

The American singer, songwriter and actress may surprise a few with this one. Could be a result of the 75% Italian descent.

Ring Combination 1: Left Pinky, Left Ring Finger
Ring Meaning: A Nostalgic tendency


Kristen Stewart

The American actress and star of the immensely popular “Twilight Saga” Seen here with a 2 Ring Combo:

Ring Combination: Left Middle, Left Ring 
Ring Meaning: Person very concerned about seduction, power and public face. 

Photo Source:



The Music sensation Rihanna is seen here displaying some serious ring game:

Ring Combination 1: Right Index and Right Ring-Finger
Ring Meaning: Desire of domination
Ring Combination 2: Left Index and Right Index.
Ring Meaning: Very possessive and very despotic
Ring Combination 3: Left Ring-Finger and Right Ring-Finger.
Ring Meaning: Loyal, devoted, compassionate. This is the most common combination for women
Ring Combination 4: Left Ring-Finger and Left Middle
Ring Meaning: Person very concerned about seduction, power and public face


Photo Source:


Jennifer Lopez

The Multi Talented American singer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, author, and producer is pictured here making a lot of suggestions:

Ring Combination 1:  Right Index, Left Ring Finger
Ring Meaning: Trying to control those in close proximity
Ring Combination 2: Left Index, Left Middle
Ring Meaning: Jealous woman, or possessive man. 
Ring Combination 3: Left Ring Finger, Left Index
Ring Meaning: Possessiveness and/or passionate. 

Photo Source:



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  • Craig Milbo
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