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  • 6 Tips You Must Know Before Purchasing Jewellery
  • Rebecca S.
  • buying jewelleryface shapejewellery guidenecklace lengthsshape of face

6 Tips You Must Know Before Purchasing Jewellery

6 Tips You Must Know Before Purchasing Jewellery

Jewellery Secrets – How To Choose Your Jewellery Guide

Why you shouldn’t underestimate the potential of your jewellery: 

In fashion accessories play a key role. Choosing your jewellery according to your morphology helps to improve appearance… And if jewellery can fit easier than a mini skirt does, it’s still crucial to pay attention in your choice.

So follow the guide!


TIP 1 - Necklace Lengths 

Firstly, let us cover the different necklace lengths and their names:

Choker (12 inches): Perfect length for precious pendent and long neck. 

Collar (16 inches): This length matches every face shape. 

Princess (18 – 20 inches): Perfect for strong jaw. 

Matinee (24-28 inches): Perfect for curvy and round or square face. 

Opera (30 inches): Makes you look slimmer and taller. 

Note: The Princess length covers the transition between Short and Long Necklaces, and so could fall in to either category.


Why are Necklace Lengths Important?

The length of the necklace is really important because it determines the position of the pendent:

Short Necklaces make the pendent look luxurious but discreet

A Longer Necklace gives more movement to the jewellery with an impression of lightness, ideal for curvy body shape, it’s also perfect for a round face

Long Necklaces are perfect for strong shoulders with thin bust because it brings a vertical line. 

Chokers are best for matching very long necks or sharp-faces. 


TIP 2 - The Colour of the Jewellery

Gold or Silver? One of the biggest questions when buying jewellery. The shade of your skin is the answer, for warm skin tone (medium to dark skin with dark or green eyes) gold is perfect. For fair skin tone silver is a perfect match. 


TIP 3 - The Shape of Jewellery 

Fashion Guru’s will never repeat enough that repeating a shape only increases this shape… For example if your face is round, circular earring’s will only make your face look even more round. 


TIP 4 - Choosing a Necklace

Choosing a necklace which matches your morphology provides a more graceful face position and head posture, which enhances the neck and cleavage.


The right length extends the neck, refines the face and enhances the bust.


Round Face:

Necklaces with a discreet pendent that fall in a V-Shape create straight lines and are flattering for round faces. 

Perfect Match: Brin d’Amour Double Drop Necklace, £60,


Heart Face, Square Face Rectangular Face:

Opposite to round face, these shapes are flattered by a round short necklace.


Perfect Match: Brin d'Amour "Vent du Sud" Necklace, £47,


If your short: Long necklaces create length and make you look taller. 


Perfect Match: Brin d’Amour “Desir” Necklace, £65,


If your tall: Long necklaces only increase your height by visual effect. But if you enjoy being tall don’t stop wearing long necklaces. 


If your belly concerns you: Long necklaces drive the attention to the belly…so keep it shorter. 


Perfect Match: Brin d’Amour “Desir” Necklace, £47,


If your curvy: Flat necklace models near to the skin are the more flattering for your shape.


Perfect Match: Brin d'Amour "Mon Coeur" Ruby Necklace, £60,


TIP 5 - Choosing your Earrings: 

Square Face or Strong Jaw

For choosing your earrings you have to study the shape of your face: 

Again the shape of your earrings have to balance the shape of your face and not copy it. 

If your face is square with a strong jaw you have to avoid square or angular shapes. And prefer round shapes that are softer and shatter the straight line of your face. 

Perfect Solution: Brin d'Amour "Wind of the South" Earrings, £37.50,


Round Face

If you are the opposite with a round face you have to avoid any massive imposing or circular earrings. Adding curves to your ears only increases the round shape. 

Perfect Solution : Brin d'Amour "Envie" Earrings, £35,


Strong Neck

If you have a strong neck and you want to make it look longer, choose long earrings. But pay attention as too long earrings can have the opposite effect and increase your neck, the perfect length is the jaw line. 

Perfect Solution: Brin d'Amour "Perles D'Amour" Earrings, £70,


For Oval Faces or Heart Faces everything fits with a preference for large earrings at the base. 

Perfect Solution: Phoebe Antler Stag Earrings, £65,


TIP 6 - Size of the Jewellery: 

As for clothes, it’s crucial to choose the right size. In this case it’s all about the gauge. 

You have to match the size of your jewellery with your body shape. The Thinner you are the smaller your jewellery has to be, massive jewellery will crush your figure. 

At the opposite end, with a curvy body shape you should choose bigger jewellery to divert attention from unwanted curves.



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  • Rebecca S.
  • buying jewelleryface shapejewellery guidenecklace lengthsshape of face

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